In the kitchen, of our cottage, in our baggy clothes
On a Saturday night we’re dancing in a music note
Failing but still trying to reach the high notes,
Laughing like fools while listening to ‘ Zayn ‘ and ‘ Sia ‘
You know I also loves ‘ Rafi ‘ and ‘ Lata ‘
And preparing our favourite food,
But we’re wrapped in our bubble; our personal space
We knew these worldy word ain’t suffice,
When our love was reaching high
And you held my hand and said, “when songs aren’t enough we’ll dance on a music note
Of our beating hearts and elope,
To our dreamland, our own abode”.


I hope all the losts find their way home
All the brokens mend their soul
One thing we all have to know
No one will help you out when you’re bitter or lost.

I hope all the wanderers find their destiny
All the injured get their cure
But remember you’ve to stand first
As no one will come and hold your hand.




I’m on my own

I’ll take my crown
I won’t drown and I’ll never frown
Sitting on the throne
I’ll laugh on everyone who’ve mocked,
I am here for a while
Stocking up the failures in the piles
Now I know the plot
And I’ve saved myself a spot
Over the top
I’m not going to stop,
I’m reckless very dangerous
I know my faith
Standing on front with my head held high
I’m queen and I’m changed.




I was

I was like a dried river in a hot arird desert
You came as deluge, flooded me with love,
I was a poet without words
You were a fascinating book; unending stories,
I was like a moonless night
You came as a meteor, showered me affection,
I was dying plant in the garden
You came as a rainfall,
I was lone Star in the night sky
You became my cosmos.





Days are passing at the blink speed
Progressing, advancing, modernizing
The world around me is evolving,
Time is floating in cosmos
And I’m still stuck between the days,
Trying to keep with my pace
But lapsing in time and space
Now I have no idea where I lag behind,
Past seems so lost and future is afar
I’m not even in present
Honestly it seems like a dead end
Maybe it a limbo
But time is a thief always moving away.




Falling in love

I never belived in love
Used to thought it as a drama and I’m above
Now I’m falling hard from the sky
And I can’t hold tight,
My thoughts all blown like i’m so high
Now I’m in a mysterious place
Sometimes I’m floating in space
Others I’m trying to keep my pace,
Feeling like I’m waking on a ledge
With steady steps keeping my balance
It’s my journey and I don’t wants to left behind
But just don’t leave my hand.




Lets be human again

We don’t need fancy things to show-off
But we need doctors,
We need scientists,
Engineers, researchers, environmentalists,
Teachers, farmers
We need Soilders and policeman not for war but to protect and help people,
We need athletes, actors, dancers, singers, entertainers,
We need sanitation workers to clean our society
Above all we need good Humans.
Let’s try to be good person, be more human, be honest, help others, do good for the betterment of the society.
Let’s make this world a happy place to live for everyone.

Happy father’s Day to all the fathers around the world.

Happy international yoga day

Happy music day.




Too much to talk

I was walking on a road in a dead night,
No thoughts runnig in my head it’s very quite,
Cold breeze blowing chilling my bones
No feelings I was just walking alone,
I was trying to keep myself together
But my armour was fragile as feather,
All these years of taunting and holding
Now secrets revealing keeps on unfolding,
Night’s changing I’m still wandering on road
But holding on trying carry my load,
Now dark is gone all around is light
Let’s celebrate a brand new day right!
Days are even hard now I’ve to keep up a charade
Can’t hide my sorrow behind the dark it was aid,
I have too much to talk
But I know no one cares about my thoughts.




पृथ्वी की पुकार

कर दिया है तुमने मेरा आंगन सूना
जहां कभी थी हरियाली वो आंचल अब है सूना
कभी गूंजती थी चितकारी, आज पड़ा है निर्जन
चारों ओर पड़ा है वीराना, लहू से रंग चुका है मेरा तन
राह देखती आंखे मेरी मन को करती व्याकुल
लेकिन सब मुख मोड़ के बैठे है कर रहे है प्रकृति का दोहन।

बड़ी तेज है रफ्तार तुम्हारी कभी एक पल ठहरके तो देखो
बड़ी खूबसूरत है ये धरती पर इसका दुख भी तो समझो
विस्तार विकास के नाम पर जो विनाश किया है तुमने उसका परिणाम तो भुगतना होगा मां तो हूं मै लेकिन अब गलती पर टोकना होगा
समय दिया है तुमको, जिस पथ पर अग्रसर हो उसको त्यागो
लड़ रहे हो आपस मै कभी इस मां का दुख भी तो साझो।

सभी जीवन की मै ही संजीवनी फिर किस बात है अंतर
मानव हो या चाहे जानवर, दोनों का ही हक है मुझ पर
रंग चाहे गोरा हो या काला दोनों ही है मुझको प्यारेे
लांग चुके हो तुम सारी सीमाएं, तोड़ दिए है सारे बंधन
किस बात का बैर है तुमको, किसके लिए लड़ रहे हो निरंतर
भू, भूमि, धरणी, वसुंधरा कई नाम है मेरे
नदी, झरने, सागर, समंदर, वन और उनमें बसने वाला जीवन
ये सभी संपदा और संसाधन ये मेरी भैंट है तुमको
और हक सबका है इसपर, इसलिए विनम्र निवेदन है मेरा
यही उपजे हो, इसी मिट्टी मै मिल जाना है इसलिए
इस बार सुनलो मेरी पुकार, मत उजाड़ो अपना संसार।



On behalf of international environment day.


When he was 12

Whenever I close my eyes
I went back to the time when I was 12
Like every boy I wasn’t wise
But I had many dreams
Whenever I saw Racing cars and airplanes
My eyes beams,
But I didn’t knew the realities like I said wasn’t wise.
We had a neighbor who I used to think was cool
Wow I was such a fool,
We used to play video games and with my toys
But I couldn’t understand his ploy.
I was just 12 hitting my puberty
My body changing, hormones and stuffs
I had no one to talk and share my bluffs
So he become my mentor
Taught me things initially I found interesting,
But slowly things started to get south
He started to do things
And threatened me to shut my mouth,
I was young and naive
So I couldn’t talk couldn’t leave
He did things I can’t even tell
My mom was worried so was my sister
She asked me to talk to her
But obeying him what I prefer
One day I fainted and my pant was tainted
That day he was very rough
and ordered me to be tough
I was unconscious so didn’t knew what happend
When I woke up they asked me questions
and that time I didn’t had answers
I was traumatized,
Now after 10 years I know everything
It took me years to get over
But it still made me cry everytime I remember.
I was harrased and molestated
In every ways I was raped
No one know this story exepct my family
I don’t have courage tell any and
This is the end of my story.




My head, My abode

My abode, My head
Seen the sunrises to sunsets,
As the world fades
I was always at my own pace.
Like a closed shell
I kept my thoughts to myself,
Sometimes when it overwhelm
I wrote things to keep me calm.
My abode my head
An isolated place
Through these poems
Or gibberish you can say!
I am letting you come take a look
To what lies inside.
My abode, my head
My safe haven.




These days

These days my sky is bleak
Night is cold and my days alone,
A constant longing in my heart
A desperate need to be free,
Silence looming in my mind
And unconscious my thoughts roam around,
My songs seems to lost its music
And my lungs are out of air,
All around seems lurking grieve
And I don’t know what I should believe,
These days I’m not ME.




The sky

The sky is mirroring my heart
Gloomy cloud hanging over; so dense and dark
Wind’s blowing deadly and scary
Like a ghost of my feelings haunting,
Lighting strikes following a thunder
And the whole world surrender,
Clouds clashing reminds me of my thoughts
Unending, constant fight never settle,
All around darkness like my own head
It seems like nature had copied my mind.





Her newly grown body
And beautiful face
Emabracing her femininity
Like a sophisticated lady,
She had everything till the night she was raped
No one asked her, ‘How are you?’
Evidence disposed and she was sold,
But from the day she was first sold
Till now she still think where was she wrong,
From loving parents and caring brother
To a brothel her life changed.

It’s been years and now she is trained
To lure the customers and to please
Under all the make-up,
And seductive slit of her dress,
Appealing lacy bra for her perfect breasts
The bright shade of her lipstick
And her slim fit waist
Covering all the wounds her body trace,
The nights she was beaten till she faint
Times she was starved and cried
Still remember, but now she is trapped.


Words running through my head
But my fingers are numb
Wanted to shout but I’m dumb,
I wanna know where you hiding
But my heart is restraining
Still I wanted to touch you
And hold you
Don’t know what I want
I’m confused between what I want
Or what I can have
Or what is right
You ruined my sleep, my peace
And I know you enjoyed every piece
Breaking my heart
Now all I know I’m stuck
I know I can’t have you.




Thank you everyone

Not a post but a THANK YOU note. When I started this blog i didn’t knew I would be able to make it this far but here we are.

I just can’t believe this 20 followers I am so happy. I am not good with expressing my feelings but I really mean it THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading whatever shit I’m posting, liking them and following my blog.

I love you all.

I hope you all are doing great in staying home, I know it’s annoying staying home all the time stuck in these four walls but we also know that it is safe this way. We have food in our table, shelter above our head and we are alive. Let’s appreciate that we have made it so far and we survived.

If you guys wants to share or talk about about anything please don’t hesitate I will always try to help you.





What should they do when they don’t know what they’re feeling?
Like an anchor, world is pulling them back
When their fears are as high as mountain
And deep as Ocean
Hard to climb and conquer,
When the time stretch before them
Like an unending, eternal limbo
When the last ray is engulfed by a black hole
When their emotions are trapped by their own skin
Barging to come out but unsucceding,
When feelings are their foe,
Pain is lurking on tippy toes
It’s easy to say ‘be hopeful’
But will you be their hope?
Will you save, who are drowning?




You wish

You wish to be free
Like a bird soaring sky
In the rain and thunder
Still, you’re in cage
Not opening your heart 
And confining yourself.

You wish to be happy
Like earth felt the rain
In monsoon after a long dry days
Still, you’re sad over 
A pathetic person
And crying.

You wish to be loved
Like a newborn child
Selfless and unconditional 
Still, you’re being stubborn
Restraining from human touch,
And avoiding emotions.

You wish everything
As you should
But you are insecure
tired of drama 
And frazzled.
We all are same
Same boundaries
Insecure, exhausted
Done with everything
Still beautiful and laughing.

You should smile
Every day a little by little
Start trusting someone
Mend some piece
Share jokes and laughter
Relaunch a better version of you
But don’t lost your identify
Just be you. 
The real You.





Last of the leave have fallen
Now the tree standing naked
In the mercy of Nature
For a while it was calm
Now weather is wrecked.
Rough breeze and harsh cold
Temperature droped dead
The tree was prepared
But it wasn’t the end.
Ruthless nights having snow fight
Every new morning
Freshly broken twig
Wind was throwing a clean swing
But the tree was standing like a king.
After a long fight,
And many dreaded nights
The sun rise far away behind the cloud
Bringing the rays of hope
And gust of warm wind
Felt in his trunk
Moaning sprig bathe in the warmth
And the tree survived.





The fury
Raging in your eyes
I can see it
All your lies
I’m not blind.
Storm you left behind
Brewing in my head
I can’t sleep at night
You can’t
Get away from this havoc
Doors are close
You can’t run.
Now I’m done with you
But you can’t hide
From the damage you left behind
It’ll torment you day and night.




Just a random thought

Even with
the broken wings
And torn smile
Holding a last sting
Of hope,
We are still beautiful and rare.



Finally off to the bed. Good night. We all are broken in a way but still functioning means we still have a hope, a ray of light motivating us to move. Don’t ever let that light die.

Stay home stay safe.

Thanks to all the people following my blog and reading whatever the shit I’m posting. I love you all.♥️♥️


I am someone worth keeping

I ain’t
A secret keeper
When it comes to my secrets,
I am an open book
Nothing to hide
No pretensions.

I ain’t
A liar
When it comes to my feelings,
I am as real as the universe
No manipulation.

I ain’t
A cheater
When it comes to relationship
I am honest
No lies
No fraud.

I am
Unwavering like Himalayas
Delicate as the wings of butterfly
Fierce as cheetah
Strong as titanium
Beautiful as night sky.

I am
Someone worth keeping.



Dedicated to all the beautiful souls, don’t get affected by opinions of morons out there.

“कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगो का काम है कहना छोड़ो बेकार की बातों को, कहीं बीत ना जाए रैना।”


My body, my soul, my brain

I know someone 

who stays with me in my low

And laughed at my jokes,

Held my hand in my fall

And inspired me to do well

Happy with my win

Cried with me, in my sadness,

Stayed with me for hours

when I was lost, he showed me the way

Listened to my countless craps

Who had seen my worst

And handled my tantrum

He is the one who had seen my evils

And still decided to stayed,

My body, my soul, my brain.

Ocean and the Ship

In a silent night and sober ocean
Low waves singing an eternal song
Reflecting the lucid moon like a silevery hue,
On them sailing a ship for months
Serene night echoing the shipping song.
Sung by the seafarers and
Unheard stories of ocean
Mystic life and monsterous tides
Rumbling sky seems like
Swallowing the ships onsight.
Tales of ghosts and pirate ships
Passed from generations
Plea of sailors to go home
Praising for the journey end smooth
The ocean heard them all.
Drastic weather bringing rain
Humongous waves
On them sailing a ship
Prayers of sailors calm weather,
Or the gleam in the eyes of sailors
When returning home
The ocean had seen everything.




Stick together

Oh! I swear to stick with you
To mend the bridges and rift
That drawing us apart.
The promise I made is still intact
Days we spend are still fresh in my memory lane.
Their is always a problem we need to dealt with
Just hold my hand please stick
For moment just let go
All your grieve and let me carry
Your burden.
Take a breath and close your eyes
See the shining sky
Feel the gentle wind playing with your hairs
The world isn’t a good place
But if we stick together
We can start a whole new chapter
With the birds chirping and
Bright stars.




Kher ab jaane dijiye

Ek zamana tha jb hum bhi aankho mai
Sapne batore nikle the ghr se
Pyar or mohabbat ki khoj mai.
Kahaniyan suni thi ishq ki
Or hum the maare pyar ke
Heer ranjha, Romeo aur juliet
Jaise anginat naam suna krte the mahfil mai.
Ab jb bhi inka jikar hota hai aansu aa jaate hai
Inhi bholi aankho mai.
Ab na umeed hai kisi ko paane ki
Na milne ki na kisi k Kareeb jaane ki.
Ek sabak seekha aisa ki
Dil tuta, hue tukde chaar
Ab bina kisi umeed hum bhi jee rhe hai mere Yaar.
Hum bhi khoo gye isi duniya ki chaka chondh mai
Khud se mile hue zamana beet jata hai or
Log puchte hai bade adami ho gye ho
Kabhi nazar hi nahi aate.
Aaj hum hod mai hai ki kon kitna kama rha hai
Hum bhi the, tum bhi hoge, kon nhi hai?
Aarse beet gye abhi tk koi mila nhi
Jisne bola ho bahut kama liya ab ruk jaate hai.
Kbhi mai bhi sochti hu kyu mai pagal hu
Jo chahti hai sukun or itaminan ke do pal
Kbhi pyar bhari baaten, sirf tum or hum.
Par kya kiya jaaye Yahi tum or yhi hai hum
Na mila koi aisa jise hum chahiye, or humko jo chahiye vo… rhne dijiye.
Ab seekh liya humne bhi jeena
Khud se pyar karna, inn sunsan raaton
Ki kahaniyan ab hum bhi smjhne lage hai,
Inn andheri raaton mai jeene lage hai
Ab jb bhi ghr ki yaad aati to hansi aati hai
Apni murkhta pr, maa ka aanchal choda
Baap ki daant or bhai ka chedna yaad aata
To lgta hai kahan se kahan aa gye hum.
Ek zamane phle hum bhi hum bhi khush the
Bht khush the.
Ab kher ab to jee rhe hai.



Pahli baar hindi mai likhne ki koshish ki hai. Asha hai apko pasand aayegi.


Who am I?

These days I am exhausted
Whenever I try to soothe
My voice sounds rough with an edge.
The flame burning in my soul lit the
World now blown and whole is dark.
My eyes used to shine 
With amusement, now they are pale and dull.
My touch it used to be as soft as feather
Now pinch and hurt like a shard of glass.
Tormented with a storm brewing 
Behind this face, just need to drop the curtain.
I am not the same and I hate it.
Never meant to love or to be loved.
I need to know what has changed
Who am I? I sick of waiting for me.




Waiting for monsoon

The Garden of desire is drained
From months. Arid and stiff
Seems like monsoon retained.

Miles and miles of monotonous land,
Patches of thorn one can see on sand.

flowers are barbarically plucked
Vital spirit abstracted and sucked.

Remains are in the search of nectar,
Unaware of the lurking spectre.

Being a spectator, I wished,
The place to flourish again,
Blooming flowers and shining sun
Melodic birds and cricket chirp,
Haord of butterflies
And animals.

Now I’m just waiting for monsoon.



I found this old paper inside my diary and I used it for my masterpiece (joking)… Like I said before I’m not good at drawing but I know you guys don’t judge me (*wink* *wink*) and I like it this way both the poem and paper raw and torn.

Penned by sinnesoul

How much I hurt you

Sometimes, I wish to mend what I broke,
My aching heart or what’s broken
I’m losing my sleep with all this burden.

My mind now corrupt with fear
Haunting me with your tears.
I know how much I hurt you
I need to fix what’s broken.

I wasn’t strong enough to fight my fiends,
You knew and promised me when you held my hand,
When you mocked me and you were so deranged,
Tell me what changed?

I am thinking of friends I had
They loved me too now, only memories left.
To all my beloved friends
I want to ask, ‘Why you left’?
Just give me a reason.
I’ll climb every mountain,
Swim every ocean to fix what I broke.

But what about my heart?
Shattered in million pieces.
Do you you know how much you hurt me?
Every time you leave me
Every time you slight me,
My screams, my pleas, didn’t you hear them at all?

Now nothing makes sense,
My feelings are jumble and I’m tense
Time when I turned my back,
For a moment I was happy 
but now I know what I lack.
So I want to fix what I broke
But not sure what will it cost.
Another betrayal or hoax?



I started it as a song but as I wrote further words become blurry and here is the outcome.

Penned by Sinnersoul

My treacherous pen

When I held my pen to write
Tons of thoughts
But words weren’t suffice.

My thoughts are my sacred treasure
When I wrote
I Hoped to make a memento
In their delight.

But my pen, Oh! 
The treacherous fool
Doesn’t cooperate
As dramatic as it sounds
Words comes out like a clown.

Half of the time I live in my  head
A chaotic and errand space,
I roam free, visit places with no human trace.

These poems are just a gateway,
To my refuge and my Dreamland,
But when I try to write it down,
Everything eradicate and my head become a clear slate.

Replica of your thoughts

You ain’t letting me close with all these shut doors,
Your tear-filled eyes, the fear and sins
I just saw a glimpse.
Demon’s haunting every corner,
Nights filled with horror,
Your perfect paradise logged with terror,
Emotions seeping through the cracks,
Feelings are out of track,
Your dreams all lost in this perfect chaos,
Light fades out and fear crawl,
Your fragile heart hanging in a fine line,
Banging hands on empty wall
Shouting in a strange place
The place you are trapped
Is a replica of your own thoughts.
But, I am not letting you down,
I’ll reach out and rescue you.

Do you remember?

Do you remember?

The time we spent walking hands in hand

To the beach, watching the crashing waves, 

The red hue of sun hitting the horizon.

Time when we propel in an used trail,

Lost in the middle of nowhere, 

Those mountains were dense

We lit the fire cause the night was bone shattering cold.

Or the day we almost missed our flight,

Both running at the airport like frantic fools,

Our cab was late and on top we stuck in traffic,

Huffing and puffing and breathless, we were still caught flight.

I yearn for your stories and tales,

Merchant ships and treacherous ocean, high tides on them, sailing, seafarers. 

Your eyes dilate, reciting a fancy story of mythical marine life.

But my favourite was that summer night,

Clear sky, stars shining bright, standing in terrace, wondering with dreamy eyes,

Holding a telescope, resolved to decipher

the meaning, solve the mystery of the vast cosmos.

So many narratives and infinite tales, 

Scripted in the book of memories we made, 

Every turning page is a new episode printed in every single cell of me,

I reminisces every single line,

Do you remember anything at all?

After a very long time I hold a pencil to draw, it doesn’t turn good. 😓 But anyway you guys won’t judge me.

No reposting.

Judged and criticised

Wearing a short dress, rocking the look
Went to a pub had some drinks,
With guys, and
Now your character defined.
You are tall with a muscles underneath, a good job and you are very sweet.
Still you are dejected I don’t know why?

Not so tall, without beard at all,
Looking handsome, and confident smile,
But you are insecured. Am I not right?
A plane jeans, with a top, nothing flashy and no show off, you are still mocked.

Black or white, fat or light, you’ll be judged nevertheless you’re wrong or right.
Tall or short no matter what’s yours height, good job or unemployed, sweet and cute are just myth and sounds nice.
You are always criticized and fried,
By the people who are jealous and despise
You, they will taunt and define you, lie ’bout you and potray you,
For them you can never be right and suffice.
You have to stand high, and soar the sky.

No reposting.

A futile desire

The other side of the tunnel; untouched

You were standing shoulder slouch and close eyes,

Carrying the burden of expectations of; this fraudulent and treacherous world.

You cut all your connections with your traitor friends, stabs you in affection. 

Still pangs when you think of your lover, soreness and anguish he returned.

Family’s rejection was hard to swallow, blame interpolate on you; undreamt-of and vague.

I mean, how can anyone be sinister and cankered? hoax woven beneath the sweet talks.

Now standing pondering your flaws, presuming yourself undesired and unwanted.

Rift in your demeanor, charm gone, your emotions feeble, 

Frail demeanor and extraneous thoughts lingering you, bare wounds untreated and void shell as you were, cuts all the connection from this deadly world.

Wanting to be far from this disaster, aloof from this flashy ground, an unvisited place.

Where sun shines bright and air is clean, no menace and pure hearts; futile desire.

So you open your eyes, still standing; in the other side of the tunnel.

No reposting.

What is life? The child asked.

Silent falls in a fancy court,

King stunned and courtier mourn,

Advisors tranquil

Heads fall,

A question rang within the walls.

A child sought an answer

It was innocent and easy

The answers were never satisfactory.

Though the question wasn’t hard

Straight and blunt as it was,

But enough to make everyone

Dumb and quiet.

‘What is the meaning of life?,’

The child asked.

So many voices and several views,

Answer given by few,

His curiosity wasn’t satiated,

So he thinks on his own

Deep in the mountains and 

In the river and woods

Among people 

Under the sky, in rigorous heat

And bone chilling cold

Now the divine soul is no more

But the answer isn’t lost.

We know who he was

Still, we don’t follow his suggested path.

We are seeking  answer

Knowing it is eternal and inlying in us.

In this particular poem, I was talking about Mahavir Jain. His preachings are worth reading and practicing in our life.

I was ideally sitting on my study table and wondering, so many deaths and miseries in this world. We all were following the same tedium, trapped in an endless cycle of work and problems, now because of this pandemic we are still for a while. Although whats is happening is not right. But I think it’s good to sit silent. Spend time with family or friends or just with yourself.

(P.S. It is good to have someone who listen our blabbering without whining. So if anyone wants to talk I’m all ears.)

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Midst of Crossroads

In the midst of crossroads,
A cursed jungle of jinxed path,
Sorrow looming over like an umbrella,
You were standing there absurdly confused,
Trapped in your own head,
Trying to overcome your treacherous thoughts,
A silhouetted figure approached,
In a black dress and netted veil,
You were havin’ just another dream,
On repeat for months and thereafter,
Standing in front of you,
Observing you with brown eyes,
Swollen and red from crying,
Fear was beneath the surface of your skin,
Andranaline was coarsing in your vein,
The face was hooded with a heavy veil,
This time you finally gathered the courage,
You uplifted the veil,
Eyes bulging out and breathless you seem,
You saw her having a faint smile,
Who was once the part of your beautiful dreams,
Now haunting you in the very dreams,
Ironic as it sound
You weren’t afraid now,
Excruciating pain and the dull eyes,
Pale skin and daunting smile,
All the happiness washed from her face,
You knew the reason behind this tragic tale,
The distress you put her through,
Anguish she felt is frightening you,
Ashamed as you were,
Still you didn’t apologised,
Couldn’t return her dignity back,
You are intimidated by your deeds,
Reasons behind the nightmares is clear,
But it’s all left behind,
Past you can’t change,
You couldn’t repay her what you snatched,
All you can do is regret,
Feel guilty and shame.

I wrote this yesterday night, I wasn’t sure about the wording still I am posting it. I hope you like this poem. Love you all.

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Time when I was careless

There was a time,

When I don’t believed in love,

Emotions, feelings, attachment for me,

They were all but pun.

Careless as I was,

Roaming all roads with no remorse,

With no scope, utterly lost.

As stupid as I am, I wasn’t blind.

I saw you,

Sitting in the corner of a cafe,

Drinking your extra sweet latte,

A book was in your hand,

I don’t remember its name though,

I was busy staring at you,

The pleasant look on your face,

While reading the book,

Eyes were bright,

Lips quirking with every line,

Light illuminating your face,

Enhancing your delightful smile,

World behind me,

In that moment world stood still,

My worries blows through the window,

You looked at me,

With your honey brown orbs,

I was struck in that moment.

After all those years,

You are still the same,

Endorsed in your book,

With your extra sweet latte,

A faint smile tainting your lips,

Blush flushing your cheeks,

When you saw me gawking,

And me?

I know that I am blissfully complete.

Unedited and unfiltered. I just wrote it without any changes and I liked it this way.

I hope you like it too.

© All rights reserved.

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This city

This city,
 Is full of ghosts,
Unlike a fairytale we read in our books,
Monsters lurking in every corner,
Demons disguise in friends
Who is foe, or who is ally?
It’s a delicate question.
 Every radiant face is a facade,
 Every dance is a charade,
 Here everything masquerade,
 Excruciating to see the havoc,
The path we chasing,
Leading to our own demise,
 Soon the barricades,
Will fall,
 Like a castle of cards.
Relentless as we are,
 Blindly, following the destructive path,
 This city will expire,
By its own devil and it’s chaotic past.

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The world is a market

The world is a market,
Everything here is a trade,
Everything here for sale,
Our feelings, emotions, love, attachment,
All vend and are part of a trade,
A price we all have to pay,
A dollar for chocolate,
For love? A body,
Just a soul for the house,
It is all a trade,
Huge payment we made,
Everything here is paid,
A debt never goes unpaid,
Price by price,
Piece by piece,
If we got lucky,
Then worries are our rewards,
The world is a market,
Everything is here for sale.

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First night

Room was bleak and bulbs unlit,

Curtains drops and sins we commit.

The night begins with a slow pace,

Dinner and chats, complete errand,

Unending stories and countless banters,

You looked me in eyes and out of blue,

You came closure, kissed my lips and moment due,

The night was inky with a full moon,

We took a cab and went straight to your room,

We continue our kiss, desperate I might say,

My heart skips a beat, what to do I wasn’t sure,

Still, I follow the lead and the night begin.

Wind blowing in and clothes falling,

Hands exploring each other’s naked bodies,

High on ecstasy, I thought, for an instance,

Different kind of fears busted in,

You realised my lack of attention,

Then, you asked me a question,

‘Should I slow down?’

I knew this isn’t what I wanted,

My own demons were mocking,

They were laughing, and taunting,

‘Open your eyes’, you said,

‘I won’t hurt you,’ in your eyes i saw it,

Hope, for the first time,

In that moment, I was determined,

I kissed you with my heart

‘No, you shouldn’t,’ I replied,

We resume our deeds, 

Our bodies touching and sweat dripping,

Nothing damped our spirit,

In the grim room, our passion was bright,

Now, you are not here,

I miss those nights,

Wishing you’ll come home,

Completing your job,

We’ll catch up on what we miss,

Then, there won’t be lonely nights,

No cold bed, and silent heart,

Only love and affection.

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Let them go…

Hold and write everything down.

Hold your pen,
And pour your emotions on the paper,
And let your soul free from all the guilt,
Unwanted pain and emotion.
This lockdown,
Open all the gates of buried feelings,
Travel your memory lane,
And mend things rights,
And finally let things go,
Be free and be safe.

Love to all the people out there, be safe, stay home.

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Come to me, My darling

Came to me, my darling,
In the darkest hour,  I’ll be waiting
With open door, my arms spread,
Sitting in the window sill, I’ll be waiting,
Even when clock is showing midnight,
I’ll be waiting for you to come, and hold me tight,
In your arms I feel safe and whole again,
I’ll tell you my dreams and my fears,
All the stories and pain i can’t bear,
It’s been lonely days, my darling.

It’s been days since I saw you,
To touch you and hold you,
I miss your smile and touch of your lips,
Our heated moments and passionate kiss,
Your tenderness and caressing my hairs,
Rubing my back and holding me still,
Your smile so irritating and smug,
Enchanting and captivating like a drug,
When you catch me off guarded,
The way you smirk, I miss it all my sweetheart.

Photography credit goes to Jovana Rikalo.

All rights reserved.

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Where I live there is a house in the corner.

Where I live there is a house in the corner.

In the crowd of fancy bungalow and mansion,

There is a house with a broken fence and windows.

Chipped paint and broken hinges,

Walls were torn in the fringes.

The courtyard filled with the laughter,

Is now empty and shattered,

There is no one look after,

The garden is now splatter,

With the mud and filth,

It was forever since the soil was tilth.

its glorious days are forever lost,

As time passed now it is just grossed,

It becomes home for the ghosts,

Now it’s time to propose a toast,

Owner decided to sell it anyhow,

I wonder who’s going to buy it now,

What will happen to that house?

Will they mend it, or will they eradicate?,

Its very essence was at stake,

Or a memoir should be made.

Few days later, the house shattered slowly,

My heart sings a melancholy,

It was my haven and sanctuary,

I spend infinite hour there daily,

Now it’s gone and I’m weary,

Like a lost petulant child I wept,

It took days for my brain to seep the news,

For this loss I want justice,

But there is no one I Can trust on this,

Truth is, the house is gone.

Where I live there was a house in the corner.

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Poem by – sinnersoul

My darling, just go home

Their is a road leading home,
Where many before us go,
Where we’ll find our peace,
Now I’m leaving you free,
My darling,
No more heartbreaks and plea,
I will join you too,
My time is also soon,
Until then you go home, sweetheart,
Make it comfortable and clean,
There you’ll find your peace,
I know you’ll be waiting me,
Be assured I’ll come for sure,
Just keep the fire warm and beer cold,
I will come with many stories,
I had never told before,
You’ll be looking ahead for me,
Thats I know for sure,
Now I’m leaving you free,
My darling, you just go home,
This isn’t a place for you,
So much suffering and no cure,
Be strong and brave,
Like when you holded my hands,
Just follow the light and spark in your bones,
Let your soul free, for a moment let me carry,
All your burden and sorrow,
Its a promise I’ll see you tomorrow,
And forever I’ll be yours,
Many lost in the march of life,
I’ll carry you forever till my time,
It’ll be lone without you here,
Your lovely chatter and face,
I’ll miss it all, but you close your eyes,
Now my darling, just go home.

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Days and Nights

Flameless days,
And dusky nights,
With masquerade face,
And ranging fight.

With a feeble heart,
Burning in dark,
Always playing a part,
Now wasted and stark.

Somber and weary,
Thoughts are eerie,
Unending and sore,
Not sure what to hope for.

No road leads home,
No desire left to hold,
Now legs are tired to roam,
Doom is near that thought was BOLD!

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Is it too much I’m asking for?

The past is long gone,
Taking everything I own.

The present is here,
Now I’m lost and tear.

The future is all I’m waiting,
Dreams I am creating.
Equating and bating,
Happiness is all I’m stating.

I am not asking for more;
Perhaps some joy and laughter,
True friends and new chapter,
All our problems at shore,
Merry day and no chore,
And dancing on the floor,
We open our hearts door,
All the emotions we pour,
Where no one is scared anymore.

Is it too much I’m asking for?

© All rights reserved.

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My heart sings and cry, sometimes it wonder and why?

It’s easy to lie, escape and never try, being rude and pry,

Constantly cry, feel helpless and be sly,

All while twits the fate and spread the hate,

We forget to smile and give life a try,

Dance, sing, shout and get drunk and high,

Our childish desires are locked and dry, 

No sun is their to shine, and we being stubborn and whine, 

Delirious head with fake smile,

Pretending to be fine and don’t even know when was the last time we genuinely smile!?

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Her tawny skin,
So beautiful and sensual,
Just one touch and,
He on his knees to surrender.
Her brown orbs like,
A pool of honey,
Unending and sweet,
Making him wanted to jump and die.
Her long strands,
Damn they everywhere,
So soft and silky,
He just wanted to caresses them.
Her long legs,
Seeking attention,
He just wanted to lost in them.
Her lips,
Pink and soft,
So full and kissable,
He desire to kiss them till the sun sets down.

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Their love…

Hands held tight,
It couldn’t be right,
We’re in the midst of a revolutionary light,
Love in the eyes,
Most couldn’t see the sight,
Thinking their demise,
Still they broke the rules,
Those were Centuries old and cruel,
Discadred and dejected,
Both were lone and cry,
Remain silent and unaffected,
Their love still soaring sky.

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Happy reading.


“I want you to find solace in my arms in good or bad time.
I want my hug provides warmth your soul is missing.
I want you to sleep in my lap and forget your worries and sweet dream.
I want my voice calm your jittery nerves and you find your peace.
I want my touch to provides you comfort and love.
In the end I just want you to want me for your happiness.

© All rights reserved.

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Thoughts covered by skin like wrap
I am a prisoner of my body,
Like trapped inside the walls,
No choice apart from tears,
But have to fake smile,
Wants to shout,
But have to silent,
Getting away from the masquerade,
Silence become constant companion,
This silence is deafening me,
Suppressed my emotions,
People thought I’m heartless,
It’s excruciating,
Foolish of me trying to escape,
Pain is the only remainder that I’m alive
Dreading for company,
Get agony in return,
No shoulder to relied,
What to do?
Now I’m alone.

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Poem by:- Sinner soul